How to Present Answer Sheets for Getting Good Marks – Anna university examinations


How to present ” Answer Sheets ”  for Anna University Examinations to get Good Marks ??


2 – Marks Tips : 

  • Crisp and Clear. Straight to the Point.
  • Minimum 4 points ( Bullet your points. Avoid Numbering Points, as sometimes it will cause confusions with Questions number.)
  • Make sure you Highlight ( Preferably Underline) the Key – Word in each point with a Black/Blue Pen.
  • Try to finish the 2-marks within the space provided in Answer Sheet. & Also Draw Lines after each Answer.

8 Marks Tips :

  • Minimum 2 sides of Answers needed. ( Max. 3 Sides is Enough) .
  • Avoid Long Paragraphs and jot down answers with Bulleted Points.
  • Highlight ( Preferably Underline) the Key – Word in each point with a Black/Blue Pen.
  • If Diagramatic Answer, make sure you have named the Key Components in your Diagram.

16 Marks Tips : 

  • Minimum 4.5 Sides needed. ( Max. 6 Sides is enough )
  • If Long Theoretical Answers, make sure you have proper Label Heading Highlighted in Black and it is been explained with 4 to 5 Points below.
  • Make use of more that Half page for Diagrams if Required and make sure your diagram is been Properly Labeled. ( Also make sure the content that follows the diagram, explains about it. So its better to draw the diagram in the beginning, instead of drawing at the last. )
  • For Mathematics Paper : Highlight the Formulas Used in solving [ Preferably  Box the Formula used ] . Even make sure you have highlighted the Final Answer.
  • Check twice if you have entered the correct Question number ( Make sure it is Clear and legible ). Also Practice drawing double code lines at the end of each answer.

General Tips : 


  • 2 – Marks  : 20 Minutes ( 2Minutes Each ) 
  • 16 – Marks : 2 Hours 30 Minutes ( 30 Minutes Each ) 
  • 10 Minutes for Final Checking and Ticking the Attended Questions.

Try to Fill at least 35 Pages with proper Highlighting Points and Black Labeled Headings to Get Good marks.


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    Is it good to use colour pens?

    • Auzone

      No … Don’t use any color pens.
      Only Blue and Black Pens are allowed. ( Black for Headings and Blue for other Contents )